About Me

  • Graduated from Ege University, School of Medicine.
  • Completed my residency in Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) in Dokuz Eylul University, School of Medicine.
  • Worked as a family practitioner and attending physician in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) for over 20 years.
  • Used electrical currents and other physical modalities in the pain management, wound healing, strengthening of the weak muscles, restoration of the bowel and bladder functions and other medical areas extensively for the treatments of my patients.
  • Joined several scientific research projects and wrote scientific publications about the usage of electrical currents and other physical agents in medicine.
  • Taught Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation lessons to the medical school students as a Professor for almost 20 years time.
  • After being retired as a Medical Doctor and University Professor, I moved to Houston, TX and worked as a Glass Artist in my home-studio, used my hand skills for making small sculptures, glass beads with hot glass.
  • Graduated from Berkowits School of Electrolysis in New York, and opened my new business, Sugarland Electrolysis Clinic, LLC. in Missouri City, TX.
  • Joined the International Board of Electrologist Certification (IBEC) Examination of American Electrology Association (AEA), and being successful in this exam, obtained the Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE) credential.
  • The American Electrology Association believes that one of the most important steps an electrologist can take in their career development is to become board certified. The Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE) credential signifies that an electrologist’s knowledge has been tested and measured against a national standard of excellence.
  • Member of The American Electrology Association (AEA) and Texas Association of Professional Electrologists (T.A.P.E), beside the other medical associations’ memberships.
  • "PRIMUM NIL NOCERE" (means “FIRST, DO NO HARM”): This Latin phrase that I learned during my medical education has always been my first principle during my treatments
Dr. Cigdem Tuzun, MD., CPE.